Best Countertop Convection Ovens 2017– Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you need something portable? Are you a student? Do you not have the money for a traditional oven? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article is just what you need. Not only that Countertop convection oven is quite portable, cheaper than regular ovens, and cost much less as well, they also spend less energy for the same amount of power.

Although you will not be able to create a feast of any sort, you will enjoy making various pastries, pizza and even real meals like cook roast beef.

But how do you find the best countertop convection oven? What features should you look for? Keep on reading as we will answer and explain these questions in the following sections.


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Benefits Of Using A Countertop Convection Oven

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You can’t really replace a traditional oven with a countertop convection oven to be entirely honest, but there are quite a few benefits that you can enjoy with getting one.

Depending on the model you may not be able to make meals of large portions, but for some simple and small stuff, you will get exactly what you need by buying this.

If you are studying in another city and if you’re renting an apartment which doesn’t have a real oven, then we really recommend you to get a small convection oven. But keep on reading either way to discover more benefits.

You Can Save A Lot Of Space

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The truth is that you will mostly decide to get a countertop convection oven because it is really small compared to regular ovens, this is a huge benefit if your home has a small kitchen.

And as the name implies, the oven is placed on your countertop, so it really only takes as much place as your toaster, microwave, electric griddle and other appliances do.

Since the entire form-factor is reduced greatly, you can save a lot on other things as well, such as smaller energy consumption. This way you can cook the exact same meal in your small countertop oven like in a traditional one but you’re going to severely reduce electricity costs.

Save Time As Well

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Although not literally, you can save a lot of time by choosing this appliance instead. How much time do you not only wait until your meal gets done but how much time do you lose as well by waiting for the oven to heat up? By getting a convection oven, you will save a lot of time since that time is greatly reduced.

In a convection oven, you will only need to wait 10 minutes to cook about a pound of meat, on the other hand, you will wait at least 20 minutes for the same pound of meat to be cooked in a regular oven. And when it comes to reheating your meals, you will also save a lot of time.

Waste Valuable Energy No More

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With both of the previously mentioned benefits, we can also conclude that you will save energy by using a convection oven. Since it is a lot smaller than traditional oven there will be less space for heaters to cook your meal.

Along with a shorter cooking time, you will also spend less time cooking your meal and less electricity as well. With all these benefits, getting the best countertop convection oven really seems like the ideal alternative.

But Can You Replace Your Microwave With This?

The answer is absolute with microwaves you rely more on reheating food instead of cooking it unless it is some kind of instant food or junk food. And since microwaves work by emitting heat waves it is really unhealthy to constantly use it, even less so if every meal you make with the help of a microwave.

You will also enjoy the benefit of having a much higher power output compared to microwaves. In order to describe why you should replace your microwave with a convection oven, we will list some concrete and very important reasons in the following section.

Difference between countertop convection oven vs microwave, watch this video

1. There Is No AirFlow In A Microwave

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As we mentioned before, microwaves work by emitting radio waves of a certain frequency which heats up food, but that is all there is to it. To rephrase, it just warms up the food instead of properly cooking it and since there is no airflow you won’t cook your food evenly.

Although the heat comes from almost all parts of the microwave, it can still be seen as a single heat source which will not cook it thoroughly but steam it instead. This is bad as it will remove most of the flavor and make it limp and soggy.

But on the other hand, microwaves cost a lot less compared to convection ovens, which can be a plus for you if you’re on a low budget. Microwaves also can’t really crisp or brown the top surface of your meals.

A giant negative would be that you can’t make baked goods in a microwave, actually, you can do it when it comes to muffins or some small cakes, but the recipe is heavily altered. Since the recipe is sometimes entirely different you will lose a lot on quality.

2.You’re Getting Consistent Temperatures

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When you think about it, the best countertop convection ovens are usually a lot like traditional ovens. They can cook meals at the exact same temperature, and they can also brown the surface of your meals which helps it retain its core flavors.

Another important thing that you can also preheat a convection oven if you’re looking to achieve more consistent temperatures.

This can mean a lot if you’re making large portions or heavy kind of meals, it can also help you when it comes to making bread, brownies or cookies in a convection oven. If you’re still not satisfied with its performance, realize that you can also use the small oven as a microwave by being able to reheat meals.

Remember how you can only use a certain type of materials for your cookware when using a microwave? Well since you’re not emitting any radio waves with a convection oven you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore, you can use any kind of cookware you want.

What We Recommend

1. Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro 

When it comes to size this oven is really great; you can even fit a large 13-inch pizza inside it. It is a Dutch type oven that features a lid, but you can also get the 5-quart container without a lid. This time you will find interior lighting inside the oven which helps you by preventing heat from escaping when opening the door to check.

A unique thing when it comes to this oven is that you have a slow cooker type function which can run up to 10 hours. You can save a lot of energy with this because when the meal is cooked, the oven will enter a warming function mode.

With this you can also make it so that your food remains warm even after a long period of time, but to move onto other features, you also have a display which is quite easy to read and understand.


Editor's Rating: 98/100

Price on Amazon:



  • Element IQ tech which evens out heat
  • Interior 25W G9 halogen light bulb
  • Fan inside for fast and even cooking
  • Mobile design with dimensions: 13’’ x 11’’ x 5.''
  • Accessories: Grill and toast trays


  • Features interior lighting
  • Modern design which fits most kitchens
  • Large size
  • Offers a slow cook function


  • A bit more expensive compared to other models
  • Alarm may not be loud enough

2. Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef's Convection Toaster Oven

Although this oven from Cuisinart is a bit more expensive compared to other ovens, you will still get exactly what you need in a high-quality convection oven. If you’re looking for something that can accommodate large portions, then you’re getting the right thing.

You have a large power output in this model too, with up to 15 pre-programmed functions along with speed convection. There are timers in this model as well which allow you to cook meals care-free. The interior is spacious as it can fit pizzas up to 13 inches in diameter.


Editor's Rating: 93/100

   Price on Amazon:



  • Adjustable 2-hour timer with automatic shutoff
  • 15 cooking functions such as Dual Cook and Speed Convection
  • Auto-slide out rack function
  • Large display with LED buttons
  • Included 13’’ pizza stone, baking pan and two cooking racks


  • The fan is quieter compared to other ovens
  • You can fit large meals
  • With a large power output, you can cook meals better


  • It is expensive
  • Some users encountered a faulty LED display
  • It doesn’t warm up evenly

3. Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven With Convection And Rotisserie

This countertop convection oven features a lot of versality as it gives you a revolving rotisserie feature. The meat will turn as you cook it which removes any excess moisture loss, great if you don’t want your meals to end up dry.

It is quite large for pizzas as well, fitting up to two 12-inch pizzas, but you can also fit a 5-pound chicken in it which is remarkable. This oven comes with two cooking racks as well as two baking pans and a broiler rack.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

   Price on Amazon:



  • Revolving Rotisserie for meats
  • Large capacity, up to two 12’’ pizzas or one 5lb chicken
  • Convection setting which bakes faster
  • Attractive and efficient design for maximum veracity


  • Can accommodate large meals
  • Cheaper price compared to most models
  • Unique rotisserie option


  • Can’t fit a standard sized baking sheet
  • Hard to read display
  • Some customers reported an inaccurate interior temperature

4. BLACK+DECKER TO3210SSD 6-Slice Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

This oven is recommended if you’re looking for a model which is a bit smaller compared to others, great if you’re looking for something that can certainly fit most kitchens

You are given an LCD display which is easy to read as well as an interface which offers you a lot of options while not being too complicated.

You can also use a timer just like in a microwave. This can help you with making various pastries or large meals which require an accurate cooking time.


Editor's Rating: 90/100

   Price on Amazon:



  • 20% faster fan which helps in quick heating
  • Operates on 60-minute timer precision feature
  • Keep counters clean with a removable crumb tray
  • Good amount of interior space for pizza up to 12’’ or 6 slices of bread
  • Compact design with dimensions: 15"L x 20"W x 13"H


  • Back of the oven can extend and fit larger meals
  • A variety of pre-programmed settings for baking, broiling, and toasting
  • Cheaper compared to other models
  • Easy to use digital controls with LED display


  • The adjustable rack is narrower in the back
  • Customers reported that the handle gets hot during cooking

5. KitchenAid KCO275AQ Convection 1800 Watt Digital Countertop Oven

KitchenAid is a popular brand when it comes to kitchen appliances and the same goes for convection ovens as well. This time they made a great product which is popular at the moment and well rated as well. You can use this product to broil, bake, toast or reheat meals at a time efficient and easy way.

The manual and interface make it really easy to instantly understand how this convection oven works, you’re even getting nine programmed settings which are aimed at most types of meals. 

The Asado Roast function for an example is really helpful when you want to roast a big piece of meat, this function makes sure that you’re getting the right amount of heat.

If you’re a student who is addicted to pizza, you even have a special program setting just for pizza. This setting ensures that the crust will be crusty and that the rest of the pizza will not be soggy at all. You also have a nonstick surface on the inside of the oven which makes it far easier to clean.


Editor's Rating: 85/100

   Price on Amazon:



  • 9 pre-programmed functions including Pizza, Asado Roast, and others
  • Enough room for up to two 12’’ pizzas or Cornish hens
  • Included non-stick multipurpose pan
  • Accessories: 12’’ broiling rack, cooling rack and drip tray
  • Interior non-stick and scratch resistant CeramaShield coating


  • Simplistic interface which is easy to use
  • Long 30-inch cord
  • Emits less heat compared to other models
  • Unique broil rack position


  • There is no internal lighting which makes it hard to check if the meal is ready
  • Doesn’t offer standard baking sheet sizes
  • Some customers said that their product didn’t last long enough


Now that we have seen the true and valuable benefits of one of the best countertop convection ovens, we hope that you have realized just how helpful these kitchen appliances are for people like students. They are just so useful and so good at replacing traditional ovens.

It was hard to pick out the best models on the market, but it was worth researching them. If we had to pick the best model in this list, it has to be the Breville Smart Oven Pro, although it costs more compared to other ovens it does give you a lot more features and options.

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